Type mis-match error in VBA for Excel countdown timer - excel

I'm trying to create a simple timer in Excel using VBA code. However, I'm receiving a run-time error type mismatch in one of the applications.
Included in the timer are stop and start buttons. All code below.
The error occurs in this line:
Sheet1.Range("B1").Value = Sheet1.Range("B1").Value - TimeValue("00:00:01")
The error is type mismatch variant\string vs variant\integer.
The code is exactly what is shown on an youtube video. In the video it worked just fine.
Here is the code for the buttons and the routines.
Can someone please advise a fix? I'd be very appreciative.
Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
End Sub
Private Sub CommandButton2_Click()
End Sub
Sub starttimer()
Application.OnTime Now + TimeValue("00:00:01"), "nexttick"
End Sub
Sub nexttick()
Sheet1.Range("B1").Value = Sheet1.Range("B1").Value - TimeValue("00:00:01")
End Sub
Sub stoptimer()
Application.OnTime Now + TimeValue("00:00:01"), "nexttick", , False
End Sub

Is returning a value that's most probably a string. You need to change the Format of the cell to the custom format at the beggining of the video.
Click the cell, press Ctrl + 1 -> Custom Format -> write "m:ss"


How to make a timer like digital watch?

I was trying to make digital watch in excel. So, when I will open a workbook then in a cell, lets say in E3 cell will show time and it will continue in every second so that it looks like a digital watch. I can do it in Access as access Form has On Timer event where I can write code to show time in a Textbox. Is there any alternative way in excel. I have tried below codes. But the codes need to click manually on Button1. Can I make it automatic to run the Button1_Click() sub in every second?
Sub Button1_Click()
Application.OnTime Now(), "RunningTime"
End Sub
Sub RunningTime()
Range("E3") = Format(Now(), "hh:mm:ss")
End Sub
I have also tried Workbook_Open() method but it runs once when I open the file.
Private Sub Workbook_Open()
Application.OnTime Now(), "RunningTime"
End Sub
There is no direct way to achieve it but you can apply some tricks to do that. First put below codes to a Module.
Public Times As Boolean
Sub TimerRun()
If Not Times Then Exit Sub
Application.OnTime Now() + TimeValue("00:00:01"), "TimerRun"
Range("E3").Value = Range("E3").Value + TimeValue("00:00:01")
End Sub
Sub TimerStop()
Times = False
End Sub
Then copy below codes and paste in Workbook_Open() event.
Private Sub Workbook_Open()
Range("E3").Value = Format(Now(), "HH:MM:SS")
Times = True
End Sub
If you want to make start or stop button so that you can start/stop timer manually by clicking on a button then put a form control command button and then assign TimerRun sub to start and assign TimerStop to stop timer.

Real Timer in Textbox

I would like to ask on how to show this Real Timer in Textbox once the Start button clicked by the user. And the format of the timer should be like this 00:00:01 and is it possible to have 1 button but has 2 different purpose which is Start / Pause. I'm using Userform
Thank you in advance!
Private Sub CommandButton5_Click()
End Sub
Dim NextTick As Date, t As Date
Sub StartStopWatch()
t = Time
Call StartTimer
End Sub
Sub StartTimer()
NextTick = Time + TimeValue("00:00:01")
ActivityTracker.TextBox3 = Format(NextTick - t - TimeValue("00:00:01"), "hh:mm:ss")
Application.OnTime NextTick, "StartTimer"
End Sub
Sub StopTimer()
On Error Resume Next
Application.OnTime EarliestTime:=NextTick, Procedure:="StartTimer", Schedule:=False
End Sub
Thank you guys I already figure it out to show the timer in txtbox using button. The only problem how to create a pause/stop button for the timer?

vba start stop timers?

I want to start and stop two timers in my excel worksheet. This is what i have:
When worksheet is opened, this module is triggered:
Sub SetOpenTimer()
OpenTimer = Now + TimeValue("00:00:10")
Application.OnTime OpenTimer, "StartTimerShutdownForm"
End Sub
After 10 seconds (in this example), the sub startimershutdownform is triggered:
Sub StartTimerShutdownForm()
End Sub
This displays a userform where a message is displayed. In the initialize sub in the Userform a sub setformtimer is triggered:
Sub setFormTimer()
FormTimer = Now + TimeValue("00:00:10")
Application.OnTime FormTimer, "Shutdown"
End Sub
If this timer in setformtimer ends, the sub shutdown is triggerd
this sub closes the workbook, but in the Userform there is a button for the user to cancel the setformtimer:
Sub stopFormTimer()
Application.OnTime EarliestTime:=FormTimer, _
Procedure:="setOpenTimer", Schedule:=False
End Sub
This suppose to stop the setformtimer, but it does not work.
When this timer is stopped, it suppose to restart the timer that is triggered when the document is being opened, so it all restarts, but the stop timer code does not work.
In the module where stopFormTimer, setFormTimer and StartTimerShutdownForm is located, at the top I declare these
Dim OpenTimer As Date
Dim FormTimer As Date
What am i missing here? Why cant i stop the timer and restart the first timer?
I think the problem is you have different proc names in the two subs. They must match. I'd try:
Sub setFormTimer()
FormTimer = Now + TimeValue("00:00:10")
Application.OnTime EarliestTime:=FormTimer, Procedure:="Shutdown", Schedule:=True
End Sub
Sub stopFormTimer()
Application.OnTime EarliestTime:=FormTimer, Procedure:="Shutdown", Schedule:=False
End Sub

create a countdown timer in excel 2010 using VBA (excel)

I'm using Excel 2010, and want to create a countdown timer in excel. The code will be started and stopped by using buttons with macros attached to them. The problem occurs when the "start" button is pushed. The code above is utilizing Cell "B1" as the input spot, because I was just trying to get it to work, but every time I tried, it would always say:
"Cannot run the macro . The macro may not be available in this workbook or all macros may be disabled".
Yes I enabled all macros before putting this here. I want to be able to take user input, and to make that the time that the timer starts at instead of just using cell "B1".
'Macro for Starting the timer (attached to the start button)
Sub startTimer()
Application.OnTime Now + TimeValue("00:00:01"), "nextTick"
End Sub
'Macro for next second
Sub nextTick()
Sheet1.Range("B1").Value = Sheet1.Range("B1").Value - TimeValue("00:00:01")
End Sub
'Macro for stopping the timer (attached to the end button)
Sub stopTimer()
Application.OnTime Now - TimeValue("00:00:01"), "nextTick", , False
End Sub
I modified your code very slightly and put it in a standard module:
Public Future As Double
Sub StartTimer()
Future = Now + TimeSerial(0, 0, 1)
Application.OnTime earliestTime:=Future, procedure:="nextTime", _
End Sub
Sub nextTime()
Sheet1.Range("B1").Value = Sheet1.Range("B1").Value - TimeValue("00:00:01")
End Sub
Sub StopTimer()
On Error Resume Next
Application.OnTime earliestTime:=Future, _
procedure:="nextTime", schedule:=False
End Sub
Both StartTimer() and StopTimer() run just fine.

Killing Application.ontime with Workbook_BeforeClose

I looked through every topic I've found in here, but couldn't figure what is wrong with the below.
I am using Application.OnTime to run a Module every minutes. The problem is, when I close the worksheet, Excel reopens the sheet the next time the Macro should run.
I have attempted to use the following fix, to no avail.
Option Explicit
Dim dTime As Date
Public Function AutoRun2()
dTime = Now + TimeValue("00:01:00")
Application.OnTime dTime, "AutoClear"
End Function
Sub StopAutoRun2()
Application.OnTime dTime, "AutoRun2", , False
End Sub
and I have the following in ThisWorkbook:
Private Sub Workbook_BeforeClose(Cancel As Boolean)
Call StopAutoRun
Call StopAutoRun2
End Sub
What am I doing wrong here?
Change "AutoRun2" to "AutoClear" in your stop sub as this is the actual macro that you want to stop being scheduled with the False argument.