UIImagePickerController does not display GIFs correctly - ios

I am using the UIImagePickerController for my app. With that, users can pick all different types of visual media - images, GIFs & videos (movies).
However, GIFs are displayed as Images in the "Edit image" screen, that comes with the UIImagePickerController by default. They do not move.
I am not sure, but is there a way to tell the imagePickerController to play the GIFs in the "Edit image" screen?
Here are some images that show you what I mean:
Here you can see, that neither of the two screens from the UIImagePickerViewController display GIFs correctly?
Any help would be appreciated!

is there a way to tell the imagePickerController to play the GIFs in the "Edit image" screen
No. There is no built in display of animated gifs in any public API.


Live zoomed view in an inset kind of box , when clicking pictures on camera view in iOS

I wan't to achieve the following thing:
--> When user tries to click picture through app ,i want to add another small rectangular view in which zoomed view is visible live while capturing image(which is seen by camera). Is it possible? I mean i have found that live streaming of camera is possible but that is in case of video.
I want to see zoomed view live when user moves camera.
Thanks in advance!

How to create smaller mini camera view like in Tumblr iPhone app image picker

I would like to know how Tumblr app is adding a mini camera live view on collection view cell in their app? Is it UIImagePickerController of type camera resized? I would be glad if someone could give more idea on this implementation?
If you want to do that, you're going to have to use AVFoundation. You can size and position the AVCaptureVideoPreviewLayer however you'd like.

Interface orientation issue with photo gallery in iOS

I am making an application in landscape, but I need to open the photo gallery in the image. The photo gallery only opens in the portrait mode. Is there any way that the application can be limited to stay in the landscape mode except only for the photo gallery? Or can the photo gallery be opened in landscape?
Possibly, rotation of a view could help you. Have a look at CGAffineTransformMakeRotation.
But remember, it would affect your UIAlertView.
It is not possible because it is restricted by the framework, it will always open in portrait mode

How do you capture full screen camera photos on iOS?

On Snapchat, it allows you to take a full screen camera photo on iOS. The preview is full screen, and the image returned is full screen. There appears to be no cropping/stretching/etc... What you see is what you get.
Now I've looked all over the place, and I can't figure out how this is actually being done, seeing that the iPhone camera always returns an image with an aspect ratio of 4:3. Yes, you can use the camera view transform to have a full screen "preview", but the image returned is still 4:3 and needs to be cropped.
So my question is, how do you take a full screen camera photo on iOS without cropping? If your answer is that it can't be done, then how is Snapchat doing it (or appearing to do it)?
Snapchat isn't displaying everything the camera is picking up. By cropping a bit from the top/bottom or sides, they can create a 16:9 image from a 4:3 image. This is easy to verify.
Open up the snapchat and camera apps so it's easy to switch between them.
Place your phone on its side pointed at something with some marks for reference points.
Switch between the apps without moving the phone. There is content that you do not see on Snapchat.

How to rotate a photo that is picked from the photo library for editing

In my app, I have a feature where you can share a photo to facebook. Before sharing, you can take a photo from the camera, or choose a photo from the photo library. Also, after you chose the photo, you can "edit" it (square crop <-- this is the basic feature that comes with the imagepicker).
Now, my question is, in my photo library, I have some photos that are in landscape, and I want to rotate them upwards before showing the "edit" screen. Is it possible?
I noticed that when you take a photo with the camera in landscape, the imagepicker auto rotates the photo upwards. But when I pick a photo that is in landscape in my library, it's not upwards.
Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks,
You can only rotate the photo after the user has selected it from the image picker. Or the user must rotate it using the photos app beforehand.
Not sure if you're still running into this problem, but I figured I'd share some of my knowledge just in case you're still wondering...
I ran into this problem a while back with rotating images in iOS and ended up doing a lot of research into it.
Perhaps my SO question iOS PNG Image rotated 90 degrees and the code I used to rotate the image will help?