Crashes are visible on firebase crashlytics console while debugging the build through Xcode but not on the enterprise build created through Jenkins - ios

I have this problem when trying to test my enterprise build.
Currently If I run the project in Debug mode, it runs fine.
When i check on Jenkins created enterprise build it doesn't show crashes on Firebase console.
I have updated my build setting Debug Information Format - Dwarf with dsym file.
Still no crash logs are visible.


Crashlytics and Xcode 10

For some reason I can't setup Crashlytics with freshly created Xcode 10 project. After installing Fabric and Crashlytics pods and creating "Run script" build phase, Fabric Mac app asks to build the project. I've tried building it, cleaning and building again, building it using older version of Xcode (9.4.1), installing Crashlytics manually (without Cocoapods), but still no result - Fabric Mac app still asks to build the project.
Any ideas on how to fix it?
PS: I've also tried adding input file ($(BUILT_PRODUCTS_DIR)/$(INFOPLIST_PATH)), but still no result
I fixed the problem by going into Build Settings, changing Debug Information Format from "DWARF" to "DWARF with dSYM File" and building the project again.

No Firebase Crashlytics reports when building from build server

We have an iOS app that we build in several versions, i.e. debug, test and production. Each version has a different bundle id (so that they can be installed simultaneously for testing purposes). We have set up a Firebase project and generated a corresponding GoogleService-Info.plist file for each version. There is a script that bundles the correct plist that matches the bundle id for the version being built.
I have set up Firebase and Crashlytics in the project and when I build the debug version from Xcode and force a crash I get a crash report in the Firebase console. However, when we build a test version with our Jenkins build server (using fastlane) and force a crash, nothing ever comes in the console. I have inspected the app bundle and confirmed that it contains the correct GoogleService-Info.plist file. Assuming that all the Firebase projects are set up correctly, what else might we be missing?

Build Successful, Archive Not visible in Xcode 9.2

I have upgraded to Xcode 9.2, my project got successfully build and is getting installed on simulator and device.
But when I tried to generate build for release through Archive, even though it says archive is successful, no archive is getting generated in the window.
I have tried all options mentioned in below link but no solution for me :(

iOS - Firebase Crash Reporting Setup Crashes XCode

I am working with XCode 7.3 and when I try to integrate Firebase Crash Reporting to my iOS project, XCode crashes. Things I have done so far
Included pod 'Firebase/Crash'
In AppDelegate - Added FIRApp.configure()
Generated private key from Firebase console and downloaded.
Added the JSON downloaded to the root folder of project in a new folder
In XCode Build Phases, added a new run script with
When I try to navigate to AppDelegate to try out a crash, XCode crashes immediately.
Steps taken to resolve:
Tried cleaning the project.
Tried moving the downloaded JSON into the XCode project.
Tried moving the downloaded JSON to a local path and deleted it from project folder.
Tried running the project without navigating to any file, after adding the build script - the run succeeds and app runs in simulator just fine. Can't navigate to any file to continue working on the project though.
Tried deleting the run script - This allows me to navigate to other files without any XCode crashes.
Other info:
I have Firebase Analytics already integrated and working fine.
I also have Fabric integrated. But it is managed by a team who was working on the project before me and I just can't remove their Fabric dependency to add my own. Hence even the need for Firebase Crash Reporting.
Will the Fabric dependency and the inability to remove it from project be interfering with Firebase run script as well? I can't imagine why it should.
Links referenced:

Visual Studio Cordova iOS Remote Build Release Mode Error Code 70

I'm trying to build my cordova app and get iOS .ipa file for publishing on app store.
I'm using phonegap-plugin-push plugin which requires cocoapods. All plugins and pods are installed successfully.
Debug build is also successful and I'm able to run my app on Simulators.
When I'm trying to build a release mode for getting .ipa file, I always receive an error:
Build failed with error code 70 ...
I think the problem is that remote builder is trying to build by .xcodeproj file.
When I've opened my project in XCode with .xcodeproj file and tried to build it, I've got the same error and problem was missing cocoapod plugin.
But when I opened my app with .xcodeworkspace file in XCode and built it, build was successful (cause all cocoapod plugins were included).
Any ideas how to fix release mode remote build in visual studio when using cocoapods?