Your development team does not support the Push Notifications capability - ios

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Your development team, " ACCOUNT NAME", does not support the Push
Notifications capability.

You need to enable push notifications in your capabilities and check if it is enabled in the developer portal. Here is a tutorial that will help.


ios push notification development on free apple account

I am very new to ios development. Recently somewhere i read that Apple has now allowed the integration of push notification into the app during development not production on unpaid apple accounts. However, i came across problems while trying to enable the push notification capability for my app on xcode and that makes me wonder if we actually need a paid membership to add the push notification feature on our app.
We need aps certificates to register device token for getting notifications. So it is not possible in free account.

How does Push Notifications work while in development and production mode, (pushwoosh)

So i have a question to which i could not find an answer on PushWoosh API or on google.
I have integrated successfully my application to PushWoosh. For people who knows about PushWoosh you can setup the "environment" to use sandbox or production when sending the push notification.
So when i use Sandbox i can send push notifications to my device. When i choose production nothing comes up( im guessing its because i have not launched the application to the AppStore yet?)
So am i to presume that if it works on SandBox mode, i can now upload it to the appstore and switch to production mode and the push notifications should work when the app is downloadable from the appstore?
When creating the SSL Certificates i used the "Apple Push Notification service SSL (Sandbox & Production)".
Thank you for your answers..
You can test your production mode notifications before releasing it to appstore. Apple provides a mechanism for it. You need to build an AdHoc version of your App. If you are not familiar with Adhoc distribution please refer the below link
iPhone: Push Notification Testing on Production Certificate
There is no assurance that push notifications will work in production mode if they are working in sandbox mode, so you cannot presume any assumptions. Adhoc distribution is provided by apple to test production mode notifications. Please go through the below link which provides some helpful information.
Let me know if you have any questions.

Push Notification as update for iOS

I have an app on the AppStore and I wish to add push notification feature as an upadate. Now if the user updates the app, i would like to notify him if wants to have push notifications from the app.
How do I achieve it?
Enable push notifications for your app bundle identifier in
and create distribution SSL certificates for push notifications Steps to create APNS certificates
Once the app is updated to AppStore,the users with updated version gets a alert message to enable the Push notification permission defuatly
Take a look to apple developer documentation, they have a guide to do it step by step. Here is the link.
When sending push notifications be aware of sandbox (when connected to XCode) and production mode (Ad-Hoc or app published).
I hope is useful.

Apple Push Notifications Configuration

I am getting ready to submit an app to the Apple App Store. My App ID does not have a wildcard and the provisioning portal has a yellow light with "Configurable" for Push Notification. In the future I plan on using push notifications. Do I need to configure my app ID for push notifications now or can I do it on a future release?
You can enable the push notifications in the future release and it's better after you enable the push notifications recreate a new provision profile which contain the updated apple ID.
I meet the same problem. I had it token care of!
You need to add iOS push certificateļ¼
Apple Push Notification service SSL (Sandbox & Production).

Push notifications for iPhone app paid subscription

Do you need to pay for a subscription to enable your iPhone app to receive push notifications?
I'm looking to create an app that allows the client to push notifications to all users who have downloaded that app. For this to work, do you need to pay for a subscription to a push notification server or something like that?
You will have to create your own server to communicate with Apple servers. You can also use Urban Airship and communicate with them via their API:
More info here:
You can build and host your own push server or use a paid service like UrbanAirship or Xtify to handle your push notifications.
Those two services offer a lot of features such as rich notifications, geofences and analytics that might make a paid push notification provider more attractive than doing it yourself.