How to get Amazon shop suggestions programmatically - amazon-product-api

If I fill out the search field on any Amazon shop site (, for example), then I get a few suggestions like on the following screenshot:
Amazon shop search suggestions
I want to get these suggestions programmatically (any programming language is acceptable).
I have searched in AWS and Product Advertising API documentation, but have not found what I'm looking for.
On the other hand, I have found this service: It seems to be that they use Amazon API to provide their own service. I want to do the same directly, without any intermediate services.
Is this possible and how?


Can I REUSE the Dialogflow agent used in a Google Action for commercial purposes?

I would like to implement and publish my first Google Action. The application will guide you in choosing a particular product according to the user's answers. The action will have Dialogflow as a backend. is it allowed using the same DialogFlow agent (or a clone of this) to drive an e-commerce support chat according to Google policies?
I tried to search for information with no result.
Thanks in advance

Google Analytics API Filtering out internal IP Address

I am trying to use Google Analytics API to filter out an internal IP Address. I can only see solutions/guides on how to do this using Supermetrics/Analytics->Admin->User management->Filters option. I want to do this using the API. I just want to filter an API out, I don't want to view IP Addresses (I know this isn't possible). Can anyone help please?
What you are asking for is not as simple as you think.
The GA APIs include reporting APIs (v3 and v4, MCF and Real Time) that do not have access to the IP ... and a Management API that can create or edit Filters in your GA Account, which needs to be linked to the View you want to use.
I know this is old, but for anyone looking how to do this:
You can use the Google Analytics Management API to do this, here is the Filter Update Documentation showing you how to do this.

display amazon website under subdomain like cashbasha

How are you all ?
How can display amazon store under "cashbasha" subdomain ?
Here is an example to understand what I mean:
I searched over stackoverflow for same issue, i found this link:
How to embed an external webpage without using iframe?
But answers for that question is not useful anymore ! Cashbasha is a trusted Jordanian company and let user buying thorught amazon by the best easy way.
The user goes to, browsing products and categories from amazon, then the user can add products to his cart in amazon, and checkout on cashbasha.
Let me return to the main question: How can cashbasha integrate amazon ?
After searching alot, I found that they are using Amazon API along with amazon professional seller account.
When you create amazon professional seller account, they give you an access to much more API functions rather than regular affiliate account.

Google Groups API

Both a clarification and suggestion question - is the full Google Groups API page? I've read through it, but haven't been able to decipher if the API would allow me to plug into it from another site and remove/add users as needed from groups. I might just be spoiled from the Google Maps API which has a plethora of examples available, but is this possible? I'll want to interact with both public and private groups. Thanks.
No, the page you linked to is for a Google Groups service within Apps Script, Google's cloud scripting solution. There are ways you may be able to utilize Apps Script, but that code must be written in Google's editor, and can't be run from your web page directly.

Basic understanding of Amazon AWS and Product Advertising API

I'm completely new to Amazon AWS development and the Product Advertising API. I have some basic questions I'd like to get answered...
I'm building a website for a client who would like to sell his own products. Placing the products on and using AWS from his website seems like an okay bet, right? I'm not experienced in "point of sale" websites as far as handling credit card info, etc., but it seems like Amazon has that part covered. As long as our items are listed on Amazon, we just need to make the appropriate AWS calls to create and interact with their shopping cart remotely. Is that an accurate assumption?
I've created an account with AWS. This gave me the access identifiers (security keys) to make the web service calls. I've also signed up for the "amazon associates" to get an associate tag. I can successfully make the web service calls which is all well and good...
However, I'm a little confused. The "amazon associate" stuff seems like it is mostly referral based.
"You earn referral fees when you join the Amazon Associates program and the users you refer to Amazon sites buy qualifying products."
We're going to be selling our own products. So, I don't think any referral is applicable in our case. How does this work when you sell your own products?
Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you.
I'm not all that familiar with Amazon's retail services, but I think you're looking for the Amazon Webstore.
I don't think AWS is how vendors sell their own products on Amazon. AWS is a set of general-purpose tools and APIs for building websites, web services, and the like. It has, as far as I know, nothing to do with putting your own products on
I know the question is a year old, but it may help others to know there is a new API for Sellers: