Get only products with images using Amazon Product API - amazon-product-api

Is it possible with the Amazon Product API to return items from Amazon that have images using ItemSearch and ignore products that do not have images?

The Amazon Product API does not allow us to filter the search results. It only allows searching a given index by keywords.
To only get results with images, you will have to write code that discards results with no images.


Amazon API to search product in several categories?

How can I search product in several categories by product name
using amazon API?
I tried to use this , but not sure if there is a way to put several category ids in request?

Search Books from Publisher in Amazon Product API

Does anyone know how i can request all books from a publisher with the amazon product api?
Which operation,parameter,response group must i use?
AWSAccessKeyId=[AWS Access Key ID.....
Unfortunately in the latter versions of the API Amazon only allows you to pull a limited numer of response pages, probably to stop people from doing just that. You can get more results if you vary the categories (i.e. BrowseNodes).

Google Analytics API, filter by parameter

Our app uses the Google Analytics Rest API. We'd like to get the number of page views generated by different links to the site.
For example, one link to our site might be:
and another might be:
We'd like to track the number of page views by all visitors who click on each link, so we need a way to filter by parameter.
So far, we just get the number of page views for all visitors without any filters:
curl ' id) &metrics=ga:pageviews&start-date=2014-4-26&end-date=2011-12-08&access_token=(our access token)'
The best way to learn the API is to use the query explorer at
For your analysis, add dimension=ga:pagePath and sort=ga:pageviews.
In addition, you could ask for pages which match a filter expression.
For example filter=ga:pagePath=#linknum to only include pages with linknum.

Is there a way to query the Google Documents List API for ONLY images?

Say I want to retrieve only the images a user has uploaded to their Google Docs account. I know that an API query can be constructed to exclusively retrieve Google Docs of a particular category (e.g., collections, documents, spreadsheets, etc.).
There is an advanced search option in the Google Docs web interface to show only "Images". I've tried a couple of likely keywords (image, etc.) but haven't stumbled upon the right one. Does anyone know of a way to do this via the API?
You can use the full text query operators to accomplish that:
This query requests all documents of type "image" using version 3.0 of the API and a pretty-printed response XML.

Google Product Search API - See merchants and prices

So I am trying to get the list of sellers and prices as seen here (as an example)
I am trying to do a product comparison of single products, and need to use the data here to pull into a database and store.
Using Google's shopping search API (as below) I expected it to return this info, however it only seems to return products without that list of merchants.
My Question: How do I pull a list of merchants and their prices from the google product search API. If its not possible, are there any other feeds or such I can use to do the same thing?
Edit: Been playing around with the crowdBy rule but still cant seem to get it to return multiple vendors for each product.