Any option to get out of stock products from amazon using Product Advertising API - amazon-product-api

I would like to get the list of products from amazon by searching with keyword. I tried Item search , but its retrieving only In stock products. I would like to include Out of stock products too
Kindly advice!


How to edit stock availability of product in admin enhanded grid free extension of Magento

I am able to show Stock Availability column in products grid of Admin Manage products. And I have installed a free extension named Enhanced Admin Grid from this site URL It is working fine. But I need to edit Stock Availability like the functionality of Status of Admin Enhance Grid. I have had a google search a lot, but there is no solution. If any one knows about this development, please reply me

How can I include VAT to product price in Google Data Feeds?

Few days ago, Google has suspended my Google Merchant Center Account due to VAT issue. The products price on Google Shopping don't match with my website's landing pages. On my site, the price are VAT exclusive. But Google policy wants me to include the VAT. But problem is my VAT depends on the country chosen by the customer. So one can not add it in advance as a fixed amount. They wrote following in their email to me:
Inaccurate prices (due to value-added tax (VAT) related issues)
We found that for many of your items, the price as submitted in your product data is not in compliance with our feed specifications on the ‘price’ attribute. Please update your product data and the corresponding landing pages on your website to ensure that the specified price is inclusive of any applicable taxes such as value-added tax (VAT).
So how to resolve the problem?
Prices in Google products feed must include VAT for target country (except US, Canada, India). If you are selling to more countries, you should add more feeds in your Google Merchant Center with different target country.

Ebay mystore category listing

I have installed M2epro module in magento.
I have also created a ebay sandbox store.
Now I want to list the magento categories on ebay sandbox store (i.e home page on ebay store) dynamically. or we need to add static category from ebay only .
Please suggest me as to how should I proceed?
Take a look at M2Epro's documentation
It appears to require you to pick an Ebay Store Category.
Good Luck.
as far as i know you cannot push or create eBay categories using M2epro, you'll need to create the categories on eBay and then M2epro will import these categories and from there you'll be able to use these categories in your listing templates.

Shopify Python API - how to search for a product

I have built a django app that is the primary store for my products. From this, I publish products to my Shopify Store. Now my django app knows first when my product goes out of stock.
What options do I have to search for products using the Python API? Can I search by Title, Variant SKU?
Is storing the generated ID while publish the only means to get a handle on the product later?
I want to do this - so that I can mark the products Out Of stock, in a batch process, for example.
Storing the product's id is the simplest way to get a handle on the product later.
However, the product API shows that you can filter products by vendor, handle, product_type, collection_id, published_status, updated_at, created_at or published_at.
The Using the shopify python API page shows how you can use these filters through keyword arguments to the find class method, e.g. shopify.Product.find(collection_id=841564295) to list products in a specific collection.

order configurable product when out of stock

I have to configure my magento store so that my customers can order configurable products when they are out of stock.
Because these products are out of stock, they do not appear on the products page.
I did find a way to show them the products page (system-->configuration-->inventory-->Display Out of Stock Products) but because the product is out of stock, the customer can't order it.
Anyone an idea on how to configure my site so the customer can buy out of stock configurable products?
I'm using Magento
In Configuration > Inventory an option exits to display products out of stock. This would be a good place to look.
EDIT: Also if you want the ability for the customer to purchase the product you need to allow products to be back ordered in the following configuration tab.