Product API - 3rd party shipping prices - amazon-product-api

Is this possible to get ?
The issue is that 3rd party lowest price for an item is useless most of the time as the "lowest current 3rd party item sold" mostly contain a shipping cost that very often exceeds the cost Amazon merchant seller with prime (no shipping).
Ideally I'd like to get 3rd party price plus the shipping price as an output


How to not consider free items when calculating shipping costs?

In my shop shipping is free on orders over $75.
I want to add a free item A to the cart when the customer purchases a specific product B.
Item A is set to be free of charge by:
This works fine so far. But for the calculation of the shipping costs still the original price of A is used. As a result, shipping is free when the original price of A and the price of B add up to be over $75.
Does anyone know how to fix this?

Magento - How to set a minimum order quantity of individual simple products?

Some products can be purchased the way they are and the way they are priced. But some products needs a minimum of 5, 25 or sometimes 50 or 100 and for description and logistical reasons they can not be created as quantity discounts because some of them simply does not exist in smaller amounts. They are individual SKU and items.
So lets say I create a products that cost 100 USD if you purchase 1 item, and the same product with another SKU that cost 60 USD if you purchase 100 items - or 116 items, etc...
What happens sometimes is, that customers magically ignores the description that a minimum of 100 is required and they happily proceed the order of 1 item of that individual product and pay with creditcard in the believe that they have now "hacked the system"... :)
Now, the process of explaining the customer that this is not possible, refunding etc. begins and this is just really annoying for all parties.
If it was possible to simple refuse the order to proceed with a popup or similar that explains something until the required quantity has reached the minimum it would be very nice.
Is that possible ?
Why don't you use 'Minimum Qty Allowed in Shopping Cart' attribute in each product ?
See in the 'Inventory' tab of your product.
You can also setup the tier pricing ?

Expresso Store - Exclude Product from Order Quantity

I'm using Expresso-Store to process product orders for a non-profit. In addition to selling a range of handmade products we are offering visitors an option to donate.
I have most of the donation stuff working just fine. I used Justin Long's advice posted here:
As suggested I have created a channel for all the products and then a separate channel which holds a single "Donation" product with a cost of $1.00. The visitor adjusts the quantity of this item which results in a donation amount of $1.00 * qty.
The specific problem I'm running into is displaying the total quantity of items in the cart when there's also a "Donation" product added. Since the donation amount is determined by quantity * $1.00 but in reality it represents a single donation, my {order_qty} is way off since it includes the many multiples of Donation products.
I have a small cart icon that is displaying a number above and next to it with the {order_qty} but I need to exclude the donation product from this calculation. How might I go about this?
This would be fairly difficult to do using the current version. The best I can suggest is not to display the {order_qty} on your checkout page (most sites only display the total anyway).
However, in saying that, the next version of Store has first-class donations support, so it will soon be possible.

How best to calculate sales tax in a marketplace (i.e., with multiple sellers)?

We process orders for multiple sellers (a typical "marketplace" scenario). Are there APIs or services that correctly compute sales tax for our use case?
I simply want to provide the sellers' (1 or more) locations and the buyer's location, and receive the correct tax rate to assess on the corresponding line item.
Most offerings I've evaluated (TaxCloud is one) seem to fall down in this use case.
I'm implementing a TaxCloud solution for a single-seller and multiple-buyer situation. You can utilize TaxCloud to determine tax cost by creating an account for each seller in the marketplace, configuring nexus for each, then using the appropriate API key/ID pair to lookup tax on items based on the seller.
Unfortunately, this means that you'll have to make multiple calls if the shopping cart has items from multiple sellers.

Magento simple product tier pricing by percentage?

This is more of a general question... Does anybody know of a hack or an existing module which will allow users to define tier prices on Simple products as a percentage rather than an actual value?
So this would be the scenario:
Price: £10
Price for 2 and above: 10%
So the new price displayed for 2 or above on the frontend would be £11
I found an extension which did this, but it appears to be defunct and the extension company won't reply to my emails. If someone has any experience doing this please let me know.
Adam, wouldn't the tier price be LESS than the list price on the front end?
If you intend to offer percentage discounts then check out Price Updater (formerly known as Price Templates) - you can create tiers based on percentage discount on many products at once. The tier price is saved directly to the product so the percentage discount is calculated when you save the product prices.