Is there any way to get out of stock products from amazon using Product Advertising API? - amazon-product-api

I tried Product Advertising API for fulfilling my need, but cant find any way to get any solution of my requirement.


Get live Exchange rates with coinbase api

I want to get live lists of all the exchange rates with Coinbase API. I realize that by using this:, I always get the same values, I guess these values change once per day. Is it possible to get live rates ??
The simplest way to get nearly realtime data ist to use one of the official or unofficial APIs. There exists a function you can use to receive the real time data you want. Coinbase API Reference
Edit 1: As alternative you can use following links for receiving the Buy and Sell prices.
I don't know if this public API is as reliable as an authenticated access.
Edit 2: Even better: The spot price API Endpoint.

Amazon API to search product in several categories?

How can I search product in several categories by product name
using amazon API?
I tried to use this , but not sure if there is a way to put several category ids in request?

Facebook Marketing API how to retrieve Ads Action Stats

I've been fighting with the Facebook Marketing API in the last days. I simply want to retrieve the cost_per_action_type but matched with the campaign's objective.
I've discovered this:
But I simply cannot retrieve that data! I didn't find any working examples or at least guides on the web. I pasted some links below but they aren't of any help.
Maybe this is how connected to the insights API, but I don't know how.
Do you have any idea?
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The way to get the cost per action type is with this endpoint:
<campaign ID>/insights?fields=cost_per_action_type
You can substitute Campaign ID with Adset ID if you prefer.

Search Books from Publisher in Amazon Product API

Does anyone know how i can request all books from a publisher with the amazon product api?
Which operation,parameter,response group must i use?
AWSAccessKeyId=[AWS Access Key ID.....
Unfortunately in the latter versions of the API Amazon only allows you to pull a limited numer of response pages, probably to stop people from doing just that. You can get more results if you vary the categories (i.e. BrowseNodes).

Google Product Search API - See merchants and prices

So I am trying to get the list of sellers and prices as seen here (as an example)
I am trying to do a product comparison of single products, and need to use the data here to pull into a database and store.
Using Google's shopping search API (as below) I expected it to return this info, however it only seems to return products without that list of merchants.
My Question: How do I pull a list of merchants and their prices from the google product search API. If its not possible, are there any other feeds or such I can use to do the same thing?
Edit: Been playing around with the crowdBy rule but still cant seem to get it to return multiple vendors for each product.