Amazon Product Uploads in Inventory not working…? - amazon-product-api

I am using a tab separated file to upload some products to inventory.
Am I am getting the errors bellow:
original-record-number sku error-code error-type error-message
10983436 8105 Error The data you provided for an attribute does not match the list of valid values. Please select a valid value from the Data Definitions and resubmit.
10983436 8105 Error The data you provided for an attribute does not match the list of valid values. Please select a valid value from the Data Definitions and resubmit.
My file content is this:
1 10983436 8560 Error SKU 10983436, Missing Attributes product_type. SKU 10983436 does not match any ASIN. Creation of a new ASIN requires the following missing attributes: product_type. Feed ID: 0. For details, see
sku product-id product-id-type price item-condition quantity add-delete will-ship-internationally expedited-shipping item-note
10983436 471954318111 4 14.8700 11 10 a 3 3 Brand new factory sealed item.
I don't understand what's the problem.
Can someone please help?

I was having this problem and it turned out to be nothing whatsoever to do with the data at all but it was the columns. The Amazon uploader had changed and no longer was accepting the columns I was providing. I removed them and the message went away. You may be spelling a column incorrectly also which would create the same type of error.


Magento 1.9 Missing products

I have imported 16990 products to my website via Import All products Profile
Its divided info 9 files
8 files contains 2000 products
and 1 file contains 990 products
All files imported successfully with no error messages
After checking the total number of records from catalog, about 1500 products are Missing
I have double check the CSVs files its correct with no issues
Could you please help me to explorer the issue?
Well, I have prepared a workaround for this problem. First of all, check if your missing products are showing in the database. If yes, try to do the following:
Sign in to Magento Admin Panel
Go to Catalog > Manage Products
Your current URL will look like this:[your_key]/
Change your URL to:[product_id]/key/[your_key]/
You can find the product_id in the database. When you enter this URL, you will be able to edit the product. Now, check product attributes and make sure that you check all the values which are empty or not filled properly. In this way, you can clearly see all little mistakes by the Values in the CSV.

Magento Customer Attributes Import/Export

I've added a custom attribute to the customer account i Magento. It's a multiselect attribute.
When I export customers to cvs via dataprofiles the attribute is present in the CSV with ids separated by commas i.e "13,14".
When I try to import customers with the multiselect attribute Magento gives me following error:
File is totally invalid. Please fix errors and re-upload file
Checked rows: 1, checked entities: 1, invalid rows: 1, total errors: 1
The error relates to the column with my custom attribute.
How do i remedy this error?
Try multiselect attributes with below format
So for your example:
13 , 14

django-oscar validation error: attribute cannot be blank

Im using the latest django-oscar from the master branch.
I've been tryin to understand how to use oscar, please help me with the problem below.
Using the admin page, first, I add the following Product Attribute
Product class: Base Card
Name: Card Type
Type: Option
Option Group: 'Card Type'
Required: checked
Then I tried adding a new Product with the product class Base Card. Under the Product Attribute Values section, I chose Card Type for the attribute, but no matter what values I inserted under e.g Value Option, text or Integer, I keep receiving the validation error below. Any idea why?
ValidationError at /admin/catalogue/product/add/
[u'cardtype attribute cannot be blank']
I'm afraid I'm not able to recreate your issue.
Did you definitely add options to your Card Type option group?

magento product flat table not selecting column

I've created a custom attribute for some products in magento. I set "Used In Product Listing" to true and reindexed product flat data. When i do select * from catalog_product_flat_19 (19 being the id of my store) i see the column and i can update its values in the extranet. But when i do
foreach($quote->getAllItems() as $product)
var_dump($product->getMyCustomAttribute()); //this retuns null
I turned on mysql debugging and i see a select from catalog_product_flat_19, but its specifying specific columns and my custom attribute isnt one of them. Can anyone tell me what i need to do to add it there?
To be more specific, i'm trying to access the attribute in an observer thats watching the sales_order_save_commit_after event that happens in an ajax request.
Thanks for your help in advance.
This, like all things in magento, turns out to be a configuration thing. In Mage/Sales/etc/config.xml there is a config/global/sales/quote/item/product_attributes node. That node contains a list of all the columns the flat table should return. If you add that XML path to your config file for whatever module you are creating and add an empty node to it named the column you want to bring back. It will work.

Magmi Configurable Products Importation

In Magmi v0.7.17, I can't manage to import configurable products.
Here is an example of the csv I've got (just fields related to problem here):
First of all, I need to put "_attribute_set" for the importation to work, otherwise I've got the error “cannot create product sku:xxx no attribute_set defined”. But in every online documentation and in the Dataflow Export this field is "attribute_set".
When I run the importation (using the Configurable Item processor v1.3.6), only the simple products are created and I've got theses errors :
SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1048 Column 'attribute_id' cannot be null - INSERT INTO catalog_product_super_attribute(product_id,attribute_id,position) VALUES (?,?,?)
None of the attributes and attributes set exist in database, I want it to be created on the fly. But is it possible ? or do I miss some fields ?
Thanks !
Ok, it works now. After a little debugging in the plugin, I saw that the column "configurable_attributes" was empty. I move it at the beginning of the files (next to attribute_set) and it works fine. It's due to the fact that I didn't encapsulate my text with "" in csv, because Excel doesn't do it. So I modified my file with OpenOffice and let it at the end.
Suddenly attribute_set is working too.
Be sure to select "Magmi Magento Reindexer", otherwise the products won't appear in frontend.
Attributes and attribute sets have to be created in BackOffice before importation. Magmi can just create values of attribute.
What is work for me is:
1. Check "configurable_attributes"
- All attribute are listed ?
- All attribute are correctly spelled?
2. Check same for all custom attribute on header row
3. Check attribute "Use To Create Configurable Product" value is set "Yes"
This Error Means you are having error with attribute and attribute set.