How to configure BOSH over XMPP in tigase? - tigase

I have installed tigase XMPP server. Now I wanted to configure BOSH in order to connect through http. I am pretty much new to this environment. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

BOSH is activated by default. Thus, you can edit its default configuration by editing the file in the etc/ folder:
bosh/connections/ports[i] = 5280, 5281
bosh/connections/5281/socket = ssl
bosh/connections/5281/type = accept
5280 is the default non-encrypted port and 5281 is the default encrypted port for BOSH. You can edit both ports to your conveniance. Then, you will be able to connect to and depending on which you want to use.
By the way, I recommend using the last release version of Tigase (and avoiding beta versions). You can find it here.

What version of the Tigase XMPP Server do you use? In all recent versions Bosh is active by default and does not require any extra configuration.


Nodejs mssql connection error tls.createSecurePair() is deprecated. Please use tls.Socket instead

I am moving my nodejs application from local to web server.
When I test the DB connection(SQL Server using 'mssql' package) on my local machine, the connection is successful, but on the webserver I get the error message:
<node:6316> [DEP0064] DeprecationWarning: tls.createSecurePair() is deprecated.
Please use tls.Socket() instead.
The only difference I can think of is my local server npm version is 2.15.5 and web server npm version is 5.6.0.
Do I need to install an old version of nodejs to make it work or there could be some way to make it work?
Thanks in advance
This warning actually comes from the underlying TDS driver (see, and is currently (as of early 2018) receiving attention and attempts to resolve. It should also be noted that according to the tls.createSecurePair() API will remain in Node 8 which is now LTS until the end of 2019.
Furthermore, this is just a warning, but the functionality is still there. If you tcpdump port 1433 you'll see that your connection is encrypted if you are using the encrypt option.

special weblogic/java 8/webstart issue

We need help in a special weblogic/java 8/webstart problem:
We are using Java 8 and weblogic server 12.1.3. We try to connect via Java webstart client with ssl (tslv1.2) to weblogic server but this doesn't work. If we're connecting whithout ssl the application is able to connect.
As long as we have been using Java 7 and weblogic server 12.1.1 it has been working.
We have a special situation as we're using a self signed certificate included in a *.jks file which we have stored in a jar-file. We are using a starter class to extract the *.jks file into a temp-dir to put it into the classpath (that has been the only way until Java 7 how it worked). We've set all ssl parameters as
We've got only a connection error without explanation.
You can enable debugging when starting the application,handshake
You can also run wireshark to see what is going on more clearly.

OpenAM Configuration

I have been trying to configure OpenAM in my laptop to no success.
Here's what I have done.
Deployed the war file on tomcat server(successfully running at localhost)
Installed OpenDJ successfully.( Server up and running)
Followed the tutorial give on ForgeRock but I am stuck up here:
It is giving two kinds of errors, either says server cannot be contacted or says that cannot recognize root suffix.
Here is what I am getting!
During initial configuration you should not use external data store, just use embedded one and configure external one later on.
Can not be contacted seems more like a resolver issue ...
Another note as this is the data store you may not use suffix 'dc=openam,dc=forgerock,dc=wipro' .... you are not Forgerock ;-)
Well it could be many things:
Incorrect host provided
Incorrect port provided
Firewall issues
other networking issues
You should check whether you can access the directory from the box (where the container actually runs):
telnet 50389

Why are my uploaded files empty?

I am using SWFUpload to upload files to a web server, which is running Tomcat. Users have started to receive errors from the server after their uploads complete. The logs indicate that the files have no content on the server, and SWFUpload running in debug mode doesn't seem to think there's an issue sending the file.
The issue only manifests when all of the following are true:
Client uses SSL
Client is on Windows 7
Client uses Flash uploader. HTML uploads work just fine.
Client uses IE
At first, I suspected this to be related to an issue with IE and setting the Pragma and Cache-Control headers to prevent client-side caching of my SWF file, which is well-documented here. I was confused though, because I only observed the issue when uploading. Downloads were unaffected.
In the end, the issue appears to have had its genesis in a security update for Internet Explorer that was released in January, 2012, intended to address a vulnerability that could allow someone to decrypt SSL 3.0/TLS 1.0 encrypted traffic.
Microsoft's workaround is to ensure the server supports TLS 1.1, and enable support for TLS 1.1 in IE. Disabling TLS 1.0 causes IE to fall back to SSL 3.0, and appears to resolve the issue as well, but is not ideal.
Java only supports TLS 1.1 as of JRE 1.7. Tomcat uses the JSSE libraries for SSL. Unless you're using native Tomcat libraries, which may already support TLS 1.1, make sure you upgrade to JRE 1.7 and Tomcat 7 in order to get TLS 1.1.
One final note to those of you fronting with Apache and OpenSSL: It appears that OpenSSL 0.9.x only supports TLS 1.0. I hear you can build Apache with GnuTLS instead, which should give you TLS 1.1+.
Additional reference:

Cannot connect content server docbase in windows2008(64bit) from windows7(32bit)

Error occurred when I connect docbase in windows2008(64bit) from windows7(32bit) using DFC. (the content server version is Developer_Edition_6.6_windows_sql).
DfServiceException:: THREAD: main; MSG:
[DFC_SESSION_DOCBASE_UNREACHABLE] Docbase "documentum" is unreachable;
at com.documentum.fc.client.impl.connection.docbase.DocbaseConnection.establishNewRpcClient(
at com.documentum.fc.client.impl.connection.docbase.DocbaseConnection.(
at com.documentum.fc.client.impl.connection.docbase.DocbaseConnection.(
at com.documentum.fc.client.impl.connection.docbase.DocbaseConnectionFactory.newDocbaseConnection(
at com.documentum.fc.client.impl.connection.docbase.DocbaseConnectionManager.getDocbaseConnection(
at com.documentum.fc.client.impl.session.SessionFactory.newSession(
at com.documentum.fc.client.impl.session.PrincipalAwareSessionFactory.newSession(
at com.documentum.fc.client.impl.session.PooledSessionFactory.newSession(
at com.documentum.fc.client.impl.session.SessionManager.getSessionFromFactory(
at com.documentum.fc.client.impl.session.SessionManager.newSession(
at com.documentum.fc.client.impl.session.SessionManager.getSession(
at com.documentum.fc.client.impl.bof.classmgmt.ModuleManager.connect(
at com.documentum.fc.client.impl.bof.classmgmt.ModuleManager.init(
at com.documentum.fc.client.impl.bof.classmgmt.ModuleManager.getInstance(
at com.documentum.fc.impl.RuntimeContext.(
at com.documentum.fc.client.DfClient.(
But if I use the same DFC code on windows XP, it work fine...
Also, I can connect another docbase in windowsXP from this windows7(32bit) using same DFC code.
I have shutdown all firewall in these machines. Any ideas?
I am pretty sure, this is a networking problem.
First, try to find out whether you can connect to your docbroker host / port. If that fails, you know where to start. Also doublecheck your and your firewall settings (again) on these settings and also the global repository configuration.
Maybe, this could also have something to do with your IPv6? I heard about issues with IPv6 and also encountered some myself (but these were on Linux).
Another (tiny) idea: When you access DA / Webtop from your Windows 7 Machine, do you also face the same problem? Also, you could try to setup a local Webserver and deploy DA / Webtop there. This could give you more information and indicate, whether this problem is related to your DFC-code or not.
Maybe also restart all your service (Docbase, DocBroker, Method Server).
Good luck!
Yes, IPV6 affects!
IPV6 has to be ALIVE under Windows domain member PC.
(Workgroup member is not affected)
and x:\Documentum\Cache folder has to be writable.