What are the symptoms of trial version expiration of ajax uploader control? - trialware

What are the symptoms of trial version expiration of ajax uploader control control? I have problems with postbacks ...

"It will stop working."
This is the official explanation. Well nothing specific, unfortunately ...
It finally stopped working. When you use the control in just throw an exception, so it is clear when the trial period expires.


SubmitCompleteHandler GWT FormPanel never trigger

This problem probably has been discussed, but this one is slightly different.
I'm using GWT FormPanel + FileUpload widget to upload a file. My backend is python-django.
My problem is, the GWT FormPanel never trigger the SubmitCompleteHandler event. And on the django log, I can see "Broken pipe", which probably indicates that the other end (browser) closed the connection.
I've found some link indicates browser quirks, but I'm still not sure how to get around this issue. Any insights?
Thanks, KOkon.
Found that the FormPanel should not be hidden while the upload process is ongoing.
By deferring the hide() until the upload completed, I don't get the error anymore.

Magento - Backend login, please wait message (loading_mask_loader) don't disappear

after the last updates in our dev-system with the actual magento a login at the backend shows the "please wait" message endless at the dashboard.
During that, you can't select and do anything (only if you hard remove the layers with browser debugging tool - loading_mask_loader is the p-layer) but i don't know how to end it?
Are there any statistic function be activated?
At the Browser dev-bar there is no activity of ajax oder other after-loading things.
can you help me?
Failure found!
Actualy we add CSP (Content Security Policy) options in addition to the outdated X-Frame-Options (SAMEORIGIN) used in version 1.9.x and there was some blocking entries.
Problem solved!

duplicate formsauthentication cookie breaks edge

We're using formsauthentication in a .net mvc application and we're seeing a strange issue.
Sometimes (seemingly random) the response comes back from the server with 2 cookies with identical names. It seems that chrome, mozilla, opera handle this allright. But Edge deletes the authentication cookie entirely. After the next request we are obviously returned to the login page because we don't have an authentication cookie.
Here's a screenshot from the edge developer tools showing the request/response cookies.
I've been searching everywhere but I've got no idea why this would be happening. Any ideas are welcome!
My name is Patrick, and I work on Edge at Microsoft. I believe this bug was actually fixed in the latest builds of Edge - is there any chance you could try and let me know if you are still seeing the problem?

how to get a screenshot of web application [closed]

Google had this deal on youtube about sharing an issue on their site by leaving feedback. When you clicked on it, it took a screenshot of the current page. How can I do that in my application so I can see the error my users are having?
With Usersnap (http://usersnap.com), you can get screenshots from your users. They don't have to install any plugin or browser extension and it works with all major browsers (read: including Internet Explorer!).
Installing usersnap is as easy as installing Google analytics, i.e. adding a small JavaScript snippet to your page.
P.S: I'm a co founder of usersnap - if you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask.
Using ASP.NET, you could do something like this (see the "Calling with the IHttpHandler Method"):
Then, your button would submit a request to the handler (possibly via AJAX), and you could either store the answer using the handler itself, or do a second postback with the results to your processing form.

POST getting converted to GET across OS

I'm facing a very weird kind of problem while running my application.
When I hit a website and login to my application, the POST is getting converted to GET automatically. Since all the request parameters are getting lost due to this, the page shows up an error screen.
This issue happens in IE-8 (Windows 7), but works absolutely fine in IE-8(Windows XP).
How is the OS involved in this? Have anyone faced such issues? This issue happens in IE-9 as well.
Kindly refer to this issue as well. Any solutions would be really helpful.
Thanks !!
This issue was happening due to a security setting in IE in Windows 7.
There is an option of Enabling/Disabling protected mode in IE of Windows-7. This is a new feature present in IE of Vista/Windows-7 and this option is enabled by default for “Internet” zone and “Local Intranet” zone(or any one of them). Disabling at these 2 places solved the issue.
Tools -> Internet Options -> Security -> Internet/Local Intranet -> Uncheck on the "Enable protected mode" option.
I'm a bit late to this party, but I just ran into this as well, and it made me crazy. IE (only) was turning a POST into a GET, which took running Fiddler to determine. This thread got me part way there, but the protected mode wasn't the deal. It turns out one site was in the Internet zone (the page making the post) and the other (receiving the post) was in the Intranet Zone. By adding the calling page to either Intranet Zone or Trusted Sites, IE stopped turning the POST into a GET. It appears that you can't call up the zone stack without IE turning the POST into a get, but you can call down. The big tip for us (we opened the POST in a new window (target=_blank)) was that when calling from Internet to Intranet, the new page opened in a new IE window, but when configured "correctly", the new popup will open in a new tab (the expected behavior).